A tiny village in Bavaria seems rather strange through the eyes of Fr. Cyriac from India - there is no internet but a lot of snow. The road regulations are sacred and people are dancing on tables.

Cyriac is one of almost 500 priests from India currently recruited to make up for the lack of catholic priests in Germany. Hardly able to speak German, he finds himself in a village in Bavaria. Apart from learning the language , he has to learn to write his homilies  and how to keep together his pastoral sheep - a difficult task.

The film focuses on his visits to the sick and elderly – encounters which are characterized by mutual speechlessness and strangeness. Cyriac’s growing unease with the old people’s loneliness, and his own marginal authority engulf him in a deep crisis.

‚Harvest Hand’ tells the story of his struggle for recognition and his process of coming to terms with his role in a secular society.

A partly joyfull a partly melancholic journey into believe, doubt, carnival and a lot of  snow...

Director / Camera                   Moritz Siebert

Coproducer / Script adviser    Hanna Keller

Editor                                      Moritz Siebert, Maja Tennstedt

Sounddesign and Mix             Florian Tippe

Colour Grade                          Marc Lontzek

Germany    2013     HD     70 Min.


Berlin fsk Kino 12.12-18.12 at 6pm

Munich Werkstattkino 04.01. - 06.01 6:30pm

Nürnberg Kommkino 12.01.2014 11am and 5pm

Bamberg Odeon Kino 12.01.2014 8pm

Würzburg Central Kino 13.01.2014 8pm

World Premier at Dok Fest Munich in May 2013

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